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7376Re: [mythsoc] Re: What's your problem with the movie?

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  • Stolzi@aol.com
    Jan 2, 2003
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      Well, I can imagine PJ shortening things by omitting that whole digression of
      Aragorn going to the Sea and coming up with ships to save the day.

      But then, as a friend pointed out, we miss the Paths of the Dead, which it
      would be a shame to leave out. (Unless the story were changed so that the
      Paths of the Dead bring unexpected reinforcements directly to Minas Tirith??)

      Or, the Ring could get tossed in to the flame just in time to end the battle
      of the Fields of Pelennor successfully - omitting the journey of the Armies
      to the gates of Mordor.

      If Faramir and Eowyn don't get together in the manner depicted in the
      original, I'll feel as if everything, just about, has gone for naught. And
      yes, she certainly needs to have her deed of valor, otherwise why introduce
      the character?

      Diamond Proudbrook
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