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7327Re: Tolkien and technology

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  • David F. Porteous
    Jan 1, 2003
      <<One should also note that the supposed "magic" of the Elves (like the
      Silmarils, the palantíri, Galadriel's mirror, etc.) are really examples of a
      very high technology, but one that isn't the product of an industrialised
      system. Alexei>>

      No, I must disagree here. OCE defines technology as "the study or use of
      the mechanical arts or applied sciences". The items you mention are neither
      mechanical or examples of any kind of science. This "supposed magic" is
      better described as just "magic".

      Vision over distance or of the past is something we can now do with
      technology, but the function of these items should not be described as

      -- David.
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