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  • spark654@aol.com
    Jan 1 12:38 PM

      For anyone interested in an interview with John Crowley. He quotes one of my
      favorite Harold Bloom observations, regarding "Tolklones" :

      "One of the most wonderful explanations of heroic fantasy," he says, "is
      Harold Bloom's essay, "Clinamen : Towards a Theory of Fantasy" [[in Agon:
      Towards a Theory of Revisionism ]], which is all about Voyage to Arcturus .
      Bloom's terrific argument moved me very much as a writer of the stuff. His
      basic question is: If you've got this form where anything can happen, in
      which anything is possible, why do the same things always happen and why are
      the stories all so alike? Bloom of course tends toward a Freudian explanation
      about fear of breaking out and obsessions and such, which is reasonable
      enough. But it also sets the writer a task: How do I make it not come out the
      same as it always does, yet make it satisfactory as a story? "That's my
      quest. You can come to the same old conclusions. What's important is the
      effort you make and risks you take as a writer, what it costs you to affirm
      the same old conclusions."


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