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7276Re: [mythsoc] Broader World

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  • Ernest Tomlinson
    Dec 31, 2002
      On 12/31/02 7:55 PM, "spark654@..." <spark654@...> wrote:

      > I always felt that the writers who call Tolkien a racist and
      > closed-minded--like Brin in his Slate article--

      God, _that_. Brin is an idiot.

      > ...I think Tolkien might enjoy these big
      > adventures, but it doesn't seem to bring his characters joy or fulfillment.
      > In the end, if I have it right, Frodo is disturbed by his adventures, and
      > they have "ruined" his simple life in the Shire.

      _Frodo_ is disturbed, yes, but Merry and Pippin, and to an extent Sam, all
      derive new energy and decisiveness from their experience; they all end up
      leaders, with long marriages and lots of children. If Frodo's simple life
      in the Shire was ruined, it was not mere adventuring that did it. My own
      take is that Frodo can never find peace again because, at the crucial moment
      of trial, he flunked: he succumbed to the Ring, and in a sense when the
      Ring was destroyed, a shadow of the fate which overtook Sauron also claimed
      Frodo. A part of him was destroyed.

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