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  • spark654@aol.com
    Dec 31, 2002
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      In a message dated 12/31/02 10:16:33 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      mythsoc@yahoogroups.com writes:

      > Well, the part about the Industrial Revolution helps me understand your
      > putting Tolkien in that category 8-) . But IMHO, he doesn't show the
      > parochial Shire society as being idyllic, but rather as suffering some dire
      > consequences because of its (unsuccessful) efforts to cut itself off from
      > the rest of Middle-earth. So I don't think it comes across as a model,
      > especially since the heroes of the story go out and get involved in the
      > broader world.
      > --Trudy

      In all matters of the books I defer to those who actually read them! :D

      I always felt that the writers who call Tolkien a racist and
      closed-minded--like Brin in his Slate article--were being just a bit glib,
      taking bits and pieces and creating a "case" against Tolkien. But in the
      case of his distaste for the big world, I think Tolkien might enjoy these big
      adventures, but it doesn't seem to bring his characters joy or fulfillment.
      In the end, if I have it right, Frodo is disturbed by his adventures, and
      they have "ruined" his simple life in the Shire. And going off into the west
      with the pure non-industrial elves doesn't sound like someone who thinks
      progress is so wonderful.

      But understand, these are just impressions, and as stated I defer to your
      informed opinion.


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