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7217Re: [mythsoc] Attack of the Tolclones

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  • Ernest S. Tomlinson
    Dec 31, 2002
      On Tue, 31 Dec 2002 14:32:26 EST, spark654@... said:

      > Can anyone think of any so far unnamed fantasy novels that take place in
      > created worlds, written post-LOTR, that aren't Tolclones?

      The most complete I can think of can be found in Steven Brust's works,
      beginning with _Jhereg_. His created world is "Adrilankha", in which Men
      are a second-class, subject race, and the "elvish" race is emphatically
      not like Tolkien's. Brust was my favorite writer for a time, but after a
      while I tired of him, partly because his work (to borrow an expression
      from Ursula LeGuin) is about one part Elfland and nineteen parts
      Poughkeepsie. I think he should have ended his series after _Orca_, when
      it looked like Vlad Taltos (the hero of his stories) had finally grown up
      a bit.

      Ernest S. Tomlinson
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