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702Re: Wendell in Oz?

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  • Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
    Sep 18, 1999
      Yes, Lisa was in Oz, too. We did our tour of Australia before the convention
      with a bunch of fans, thus having Little Harold only miss four days of
      school. Understandable since this was a trip to Australia! So we were back
      right after the con. Boy is it weird to take off at 10 pm and arrive at 3 pm
      on the same day and know that it was a 12 hour flight! Let's hear it for
      International Date Lines.

      It was fun running into Wendell and other US fans in Australia. It was even
      more fun running into some costuming people I only knew through e-mail who
      were Aussies! We got to compare costumes up close for probably the only time!

      I'd make you all jealous with the details, just will say that Sidney,
      Cairns, Alice Springs, and Uluru (Ayers Rock) are interesting places to
      visit. I'm glad I did it once. But Big Harold got sick and was less
      enthusiastic. So we'll probably stick to the US for a while. It has some
      gorgeous interesting scenery we haven't visited yet, too! And it is cheaper
      for us to visit since we live here.

      Unlike Wendell, I only bothered with the Internet Cafe at the convention,
      only did it once, and only used an alternate account I use when traveling.
      It's on Yahoo and you can always get to Yahoo through a web browser system
      <g>. It was fun sending e-mail from a WorldCon however. Boy, did Jenevieve
      get jealous!

      Mythically yours,


      At 01:01 AM 9/18/1999 EDT, WendellWag@... wrote:
      >From: WendellWag@...
      >I went to Worldcon in Melbourne, and now I'm with a group of fans touring
      Australia till the 26th. Lisa and I talked briefly in Melbourne. Lisa, I
      see that you're back home now.
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