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68Butterbur's Woodshed

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  • Eleanor Farrell
    Jan 9, 1999
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      Following Diane Baker's comments about BW in a recent post, this seems an
      appropriate time to introduce Butterbur's Woodshed to list members who
      might not be familiar with it. The Mythopoeic Society sponsors two "apa"
      (amateur press association) publications, which work more or less as print
      discussion groups. I am the editor of _Butterbur's Woodshed_, which focuses
      on general fantasy literature, especially new books which may be eligible
      for the Society's annual Mythopoeic Awards. We publish every other month,
      six times a year, and have set topics for each issue.

      The other Society-sponsored apa is _Once Upon a Time_ which focuses on
      children's literature.

      Please note that, unlike the other Society publications, these are not
      available for subscription only; they require participation to join and to
      remain active.

      Specific information on either or both of these publications can be found
      on the Society web site:


      As the editor of _Butterbur's Woodshed_, I will be happy to answer
      questions from anyone who is interested in joining or in learning more
      about our topics; please contact me directly.

      Ellie Farrell

      Eleanor M. Farrell
      P.O. Box 320486
      San Francisco, CA 94132-0486
      E-mail: emfarrell@...

      Editor, Mythprint (Mythopoeic Society newsletter)
      Mythopoeic Society web site: http://www.mythsoc.org
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