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6777Press release for Tolkien toast

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  • Eleanor Farrell
    Dec 2, 2002
      Announcing to the world the grand Tolkien Birthday Party!

      On January 3rd Tolkien fans around the world are invited to host or
      attend birthday gatherings, visit the cinema and/or raise a glass and
      toast the 111th birthday, 'Eleventy-One' in hobbit parlance, of this
      much loved author at 9pm (local times) in a grand rolling celebration.

      The Tolkien Society and Josh Rubinstein are launching webpages
      & www.lordofthedonuts.net/tolkien111) where well-wishers and party
      organisers can register details. Details of cinemas showing The Two
      Towers can be found there also. For those not near a party, other
      fans or a cinema (or who are quiet and hobbit-like) there is the
      opportunity to simply join in and raise a toast, either by
      registering their name online or just by knowing that it is going on
      across the globe. These webpages will allow Tolkien fans world wide
      to let other fans know where they will be celebrating, or what
      particular tipple they'll be raising. Fans will be able to check the
      webpage and see who is celebrating where and if they wish to join in.
      These pages are partially live at press, with some extra features to
      be added shortly.

      Chris Crawshaw, the Chair of the Tolkien Society, which has members
      in 43 countries said "I'm looking forwards to raising a glass of
      single malt to the memory of the Professor and in fellowship with
      fans around the world".

      Josh Rubinstein will be overseeing arrangements for his Birthday DVD
      project which will be celebrating these parties. It will be based on
      footage sent in from the parties to create a unique documentary of
      Tolkien fandom. This is to include a section for birthday messages
      from fans, plus fan art, and more.

      Many cinemas in the UK and Ireland have already signed up giving
      details of special party showings of New Line Cinema & Peter
      Jackson's The Two Towers. Other film distributors and Cinema managers
      are invited to register with details of their cinema and prices on
      the webpages provided.

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