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668Re: Harry Potter, a few remarks

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  • Matthew Winslow
    Sep 16, 1999
      I'm enjoying all this discussion of the Harry Potter books and have been
      meaning to jump in, but have been too busy today. Finally got the time.

      I've read the first two and just yesterday broke down and ordered v3 from
      SFBC. (I say 'broke down' coz I'm in a 'no buy' zone right now till I get some
      other book-reading commitments out of the way -- running out of room on my
      bed-side table <g>).

      The books feel to me like a cross btwn Dahl and Wodehouse -- but not the
      Jeeves or Blandings Wodehouse, but the Wodehouse of the White Feather, the
      early Wodehouse. And since I love Dahl and since I love the early Wodehouse
      (no matter how poorly written tehy are), I naturally have been enjoying the
      Potter books.

      I somewhat agree with David Lenander that they're (so far) mostly brain candy,
      but oh, what candy! These aren't circus peanuts, but Lindt chocolates. Sure
      they add to the hips (or to the brain-fat), but they're worth it.

      As to the points Mary brought up, I think one must immerse oneself in the
      worldview of the Potter books and ignore the fact that we are Muggles. The
      Muggles of the books are not *us* per se, but rather the backwards saps of
      that fantasy world. I'm sure anyone wise enough to be a member of the
      Mythopoeic Society would be a 'mud blood' at worst. <g>

      Matthew Winslow mwinslow@... http://x-real.firinn.org/
      "Be careful. You know what he's like after a few novels."
      --M. Python
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