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664Re: Harry Potter, a few remarks

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  • Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
    Sep 16, 1999
      After a bit of prodding, Little Harold has finally snagged the (still unread by
      me) copies of the books in the house. He's in the middle of Jeremy Thatcher,
      Dragon Hatcher, but that is proving to be a very fast read, as in he doesn't
      want to put the book down. So I should have report soon on a child's eye view of
      the Harry Potter books.

      JK Rowling is having a major literary event, complete with signing of the new
      book in a few weeks here in San Jose. Harold's teacher has tickets for sale. We
      are getting one (which lets in a child with adult).

      Will send in a report.

      He's also asking for the Narnia books. Going to have to find the kids' copies,
      someplace in the older bookcases. Or buy him his own set (cheap through
      Scholastic Books). Yes, Harold has taken to reading Children's Fantasy. I'm a
      happy mommy!

      Mythically yours,

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