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663re: Harry Potter, a few remarks

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  • Steve Schaper
    Sep 16, 1999
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      At 1:49 PM -0700 9/16/99, Diane Baker wrote:
      >From: Diane Baker <dianejoy@...>
      >I'm just learning a new communications program so if things look wierd, I
      >You ask about the witch-craft in the Potter books. Not to worry;
      >it's fairy-tale
      >level, not a neo-pag in sight.

      No probs, I had major trouble telnetting to Bix today. These things
      happen on the Net.
      Ted indicated the same as you. Sounds like they may be fun books, and
      I'm always glad to hear of more (if my bank account isn't) And, I'll
      have a better idea of what to say when people ask me about them,
      which is something that can happen from time to time. I still run
      into people surprised to hear that Tolkien was a Christian.
      Considering that the Silmarillion has a profound effect on my
      becoming one, I am saddened and amused at the same time.

      It's 1999, where's Moonbase Alpha?
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