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661re: Harry Potter, a few remarks

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  • Diane Baker
    Sep 16, 1999
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      I'm just learning a new communications program so if things look wierd, I
      You ask about the witch-craft in the Potter books. Not to worry; it's fairy-tale
      level, not a neo-pag in sight.

      Steve Schaper wrote:

      > From: Steve Schaper <sschaper@...>
      > At 10:15 AM -0500 9/16/99, THEODORE SHERMAN wrote:
      > >
      > >I see no moral problems with the stories thus far, though I'm sure many
      > >Christians will object to the magic/wizards/witches. (My
      > >sister-in-law objected
      > >to the "benign" portrayal of witches and magic. Sigh.) Rowling uses the wizard
      > >world and Hogwarts (wonderful name, that) as a wonderful vehicle to
      > >express the
      > >same kinds of problems that exist in the Muggle world. In other words, her
      > >fantasy follows Tolkien's comments in "On Fairy-Stories" that true fantasy is
      > >predicated on the fact (and assumption) that things really are as
      > >they are under
      > >the sun.
      > As one of those hated Christians (there was another massacre of
      > Christian youth last night in this country, the third, I think, in
      > the past year), can you tell me about the character of the magic and
      > witches portrayed in the books? Is it fairytale magic, or is it a
      > portrayal of actual neo-pagan religious practice? Are the witches the
      > figures of fairytales, or wiccan priestesses? I haven't read the
      > books, and I'm curious to hear a hopefully non-prejudiced analysis.
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