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659Re: Harry Potter, a few remarks

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  • Steve Schaper
    Sep 16, 1999
      At 10:49 AM -0500 9/16/99, THEODORE SHERMAN wrote:
      >The magic, witches, and wizards definitely are not portrayed
      >according to any sort
      >of realism. I think the names, titles of books and spells, and the
      >characters here
      >clearly show that the magical aspect is purely fantastic. There is
      >no neo-paganism
      >in the books that I can tell. That's why I have no objections
      >whatsoever. There are
      >battles between good and evil forces, or between the Dark Arts and
      >those opposed to
      >them. I also see elements of love, sacrifice, loyalty, honor, duty,
      >etc. in both
      >stories--and these seem to be qualities/values that embodied by the "good"
      >characters (Harry, Hermione, Ron, Neville, Albus, etc.).
      >I hope this information helps.

      It does indeed, thanks. Sounds like they are worth a read. I guess
      that the badgering that one can run into in other quarters, plus the
      massacre in Fort Worth last night put me in a mood for my response,
      and I appologize for any offense.

      It's 1999, where's Moonbase Alpha?
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