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6554Re: [mythsoc] White Query plus examples

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  • jamcconney@aol.com
    Oct 4 12:56 PM
      In a message dated 10/4/2002 8:38:26 AM Central Daylight Time,
      verba001@... writes:

      > if you find that Williams isn't your cup of tea

      I'm afraid such is the case. Personally I love Williams (sometimes-convoluted
      style and all) but I recognize that he can be _very_ difficult to read. This
      makes me wary about recommending him to others. I'd say give him a try and
      give the try some patience--he's not a writer you'll warm to in a page or

      My favorite is DESCENT INTO HELL--there;s one scene, one line of dialogue,
      that I swear the first time I read it I levitated six inches off the chair
      screaming "Oh my God--YES!" (If you've read it, you know the one I mean; if
      you haven't, I won't spoil it for you.)

      I also like THE GREATER TRUMPS and ALL HALLOWS EVE. I'm not sure but what WAR
      IN HEAVEN might be the most accessible to a first-time reader--there's
      something very pleasantly quirky about the concept of a mild, middle-aged
      country priest discovering that the beat up old chalice on the back shelf is
      really the Holy Grail....


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