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6551Re: [mythsoc] White Query plus examples

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  • Margaret Dean
    Oct 4, 2002
      "David S. Bratman" wrote:

      > >> >I haven't read Williams yet. So shoot me.
      > >>
      > >> So, go read some. Start with _War in Heaven_, then _The Place of the
      > >> Lion_, among the novels. That's my recommendation: you may get
      > >> different ones from others.
      > >
      > >I'd recommend =Descent Into Hell= myself.
      > Uh, that was my first crack at a Williams novel. Big mistake. (Only
      > _All Hallows' Eve_ would have been bigger.)

      Whereas I couldn't finish =War In Heaven.=

      > But since Susan likes
      > 19th century prose (except for Henry James, but what kind of lover of
      > 19th century prose dislikes Henry James?) and Geoff Ryman, perhaps it
      > wouldn't be such a bad start after all.

      <grin> Actually what we've just exemplified is that different
      Williams novels appeal to different tastes, and that if a
      particular one doesn't appeal to Susan, she should not get
      discouraged, but try another one.

      --Margaret Dean
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