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  • Pauline J. Alama
    Oct 4, 2002
      For T.H. White scholarship, I'd look at an Arthurian journal I used
      to know -- it was called Quondam et Futurus when I published an
      article in it, but it merged with another Arthurian journal and I
      think the combined name is Arthurian Interpretations. I am almost
      certain that my grad school mentor Alan Lupack wrote about THE ONCE
      AND FUTURE KING. Try the Camelot Project website of the University of
      Rochester Library System.

      Pauline J. Alama
      Bantam Spectra 2002

      In mythsoc@y..., SusanPal@a... wrote:
      > Hello! Does anyone know if Tolkien ever read THE ONCE AND FUTURE
      KING? (I'd
      > imagine that he didn't, since he was so unenthusiastic about
      literature after
      > Chaucer, but wondered if anyone knows for sure.) Or, better yet,
      does anyone
      > know of articles dealing with with TOAFK and LOTR? It strikes me
      that there
      > are certain similarities (treatment of epic and of a British
      > etc.), although certainly there are also plenty of differences.
      > Do any scholars work on White? I loved TOAFK when I was growing
      up -- and my
      > parents, who haven't read JRRT, both love it too, even though they
      > consider themselves fantasy fans -- but I never seem to hear people
      > about it. Perhaps it's been too tarred with the "Camelot" brush?
      I took a
      > poll in my Tolkien class today, and only three of my students have
      read it.
      > It's a glorious book, and if folks aren't reading it, there needs
      to be a
      > revival of some sort.
      > Thanks,
      > Susan
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