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6542Re: [mythsoc] White Query plus examples

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  • David S. Bratman
    Oct 4, 2002
      At 05:41 AM 10/4/2002 , Margaret wrote:

      >> >To end on a more positive note, here are people whose style I *love:*
      >> >Ellen Kushner in SWORDSPOINT,
      >> You know, I trust, that the lo-o-ong-awaited sequel, _The Fall of the
      >> Kings_, is due out at the end of this month? Ellen and Delia Sherman, the
      >> co-author, read chunks of it at Worldcon. Sounds just like _Swordspoint_.
      >Ohhh my, now I =know= I've fallen out of touch, since I hadn't
      >heard a peep about this. Well, now I know where that Borders
      >card I got for my birthday is going!! *pant pant*
      >However, judging from the title and knowing what I do about the
      >world of =Swordspoint,= I suspect it's actually a prequel.

      Good guess, but nope. (There's more to the fall of the kings than you
      might expect.) Regarding its relationship to _Swordspoint_, one of the
      characters is actually ... no, I'm not going to tell you. You'll have to
      wait. <g> But I guessed as soon as I met him.

      >> >I haven't read Williams yet. So shoot me.
      >> So, go read some. Start with _War in Heaven_, then _The Place of the
      >> Lion_, among the novels. That's my recommendation: you may get different
      >> ones from others.
      >I'd recommend =Descent Into Hell= myself.

      Uh, that was my first crack at a Williams novel. Big mistake. (Only _All
      Hallows' Eve_ would have been bigger.) But since Susan likes 19th century
      prose (except for Henry James, but what kind of lover of 19th century prose
      dislikes Henry James?) and Geoff Ryman, perhaps it wouldn't be such a bad
      start after all.

      - David Bratman
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