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6541Re: [mythsoc] White Query plus examples

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  • Margaret Dean
    Oct 4, 2002
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      "David S. Bratman" wrote:

      > >To end on a more positive note, here are people whose style I *love:*
      > >Ellen Kushner in SWORDSPOINT,
      > You know, I trust, that the lo-o-ong-awaited sequel, _The Fall of the
      > Kings_, is due out at the end of this month? Ellen and Delia Sherman, the
      > co-author, read chunks of it at Worldcon. Sounds just like _Swordspoint_.

      Ohhh my, now I =know= I've fallen out of touch, since I hadn't
      heard a peep about this. Well, now I know where that Borders
      card I got for my birthday is going!! *pant pant*

      However, judging from the title and knowing what I do about the
      world of =Swordspoint,= I suspect it's actually a prequel.

      > >I haven't read Williams yet. So shoot me.
      > So, go read some. Start with _War in Heaven_, then _The Place of the
      > Lion_, among the novels. That's my recommendation: you may get different
      > ones from others.

      I'd recommend =Descent Into Hell= myself.

      --Margaret Dean
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