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6533Re: [mythsoc] White Query

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  • David S. Bratman
    Oct 1, 2002
      At 09:27 AM 10/1/2002 , Susan wrote:

      >I strongly suspect that Tolkien would have been appalled by THE
      >ONCE AND FUTURE KING on a tremendous number of stylistic levels, most notably
      >anachronistic language and authorial intrusion. But they certainly shared
      >(with each other, as with many other writers then and since) the project of
      >struggling with the notion of how to confront abuses of power. White's Round
      >Table functions as an anti-Ring, in that respect. And both are elegies for
      >lost cultures and possibilities.

      I agree that Tolkien is likely to have strongly disliked those aspects of
      OFK, but he would also have been attracted by the themes so congruent with
      his own. And since those are more important matters, and since White got
      them right (by Tolkienian standards), he might, in the end, have admired
      the book. He admired and liked the works of Eddison, dispite being
      appalled by Eddison's nomenclature and philosophy: their splendid invention
      and literary merit (also qualities shared by White) saved them for him.

      - David Bratman
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