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  • Maria Bouzani
    Sep 15, 1999
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      --- Georgia Dailey <daileygf@...> wrote:
      > From: "Georgia Dailey" <daileygf@...>
      > > Remind us again who's doing Aragorn? A friend of
      > mine recently suggested
      > > the perfect person for the part would be Jeremy
      > Irons, a suggestion :*I*
      > > like a lot, but I can't remember who is actually
      > doing it.
      > Some Irish guy named Stuart Townsend, I have
      > never heard of him but he
      > is supposed to be a good actor. Some people feel
      > that he is too young to
      > play Aragorn, others urge us to trust the make-up
      > artists. If you want some
      > information and pictures you can look here:
      > http://theonering.net/movie/cast/townsend.html
      > I don't know a whole lot of what is going on but as
      > no one else seemed to be
      > answering I thought I would, I hope I helped,
      > Georgia

      Hello there!I'm Maria and new to the list and I
      should introduce myself,but I'd just like to say sth
      about Stuart Townsend and the rest of the cast
      first.I've seen him in "Shooting Fish" (a British
      film,one of my favourite for 1997)and he was really
      great!I don't know how they're going to manage the
      make-up(he IS too young for Aragorn) but I trust they
      know what they're doing(?).I think he'll be
      Sean Austin as Sam is a VERY good choice,I think and
      so are Ian Holm,Ian McKellan and Sean Bean.Dominic
      Monaghan seems like a good choice,too but I think he'd
      also be a great Pippin,don't you think?As for Liv
      Tyler,well, she's so bloomin' beautiful that she'd be
      good for almost anything!
      Anyway,I'm looking forward to the film,even though
      I'm partially afraid it might spoil the magic a bit!
      OK,that's it from me,my little contribution to the
      list!Oh,btw,I'm 25,live in Thessaloniki,Greece and
      study English Language and Literature in the
      Aristotelian university of Thessaloniki.The Lord Of
      The Rings was my first fantasy book ever(read it when
      I was 16) and I guess I owe my passion for fantasy to
      Tolkien.Nice to meet you,all!

      "...When dreams don't become their people
      People become their dreams..."
      LOVE AND MONEY,"Hallelujia Man"
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