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647Re: Rhys-Davies et al.

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  • Daffyd ap Morgen
    Sep 10, 1999
      At 02:41 AM 9/10/1999 GMT, you wrote:

      >By the way, the best web site for checking out movie and tv credits
      >is www.imdb.com. I visit it almost every time I've just seen a film,
      >to find out if and where I've seen its actors before. Sometimes the
      >answers surprise me.


      Daffyd ap Morgen here; just joined the list.

      Another good web site is Ain't It Cool News

      The person running the site is a friend of Peter Jackson. PJ will
      occsionally answer fan questions at this site and confirm or dispell rumors
      about the LotR movie.

      Daffyd ap Morgen
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