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643Re: Rhys-Davies et al.

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    Sep 9, 1999
      Rhys-Davies is a wonderful actor; but I wish they had signed him on for Boromir
      rather than Gimli.


      Stolzi@... wrote:

      > From: Stolzi@...
      > Here is a good page for John Rhys-Davies, (Gimli) who is nearly my age:
      > <A HREF="http://washington.xtn.net/~lucast/sliders/davies.html">John
      > Rhys-Davies</A>
      > As for Orlando Bloom (said to be signed for Legolas)
      > his only listed credit is as a "Rentboy" in the 1997 film WILDE. Perhaps he
      > has been a stage actor mostly?
      > Some of the material from the Rhys-D. page follows; and there is a picture
      > there. He looks like he would make a good Gimli:
      > <<Acclaimed Welsh-born actor John Rhys-Davies is probably best known to film
      > audiences for his roles in the blockbuster hits "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and
      > "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade." He has also had leading roles in
      > "Victor, Victoria," "The Living Daylights," and "King Solomon's Mine."
      > <<Rhys-Davies, who was raised in England, Africa and Wales, credits his early
      > exposure to classic literature for his decision to pursue acting and writing.
      > he later refined his craft at London's renowned Royal Academy of Dramatic
      > Arts.
      > His television credits include James Clavell's "Shogun" and "Noble House,"
      > "Great Expectations," "War and Remembrance" and "Archaeology."
      > <<An avid collector of vintage automobiles, Rhys-Davies has a host of theater
      > roles to his credit, including "the Misanthrope," "Hedda Gabler" and most of
      > Shakespeare's works. He divides his time between Los Angeles and the Isle of
      > Man.>>
      > There is a great deal of casting info. out there; see
      > http://www.theonering.com/html/casting.htm or
      > http://www.ringbearer.org/tolkiencast.html
      > or
      > Mary S
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