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  • Joan Marie Verba
    Aug 21, 2002
      "Grace E. Funk" wrote:
      > I have purchased the August 6, 2 disk DVD of Fellowship of the Ring,
      > plus all the highly repetitive added extras, and a DVD player to go with
      > it. That disk should come with instructions. I did not recognize its
      > "menu" for the first little while. Nor the "highlighting" device which
      > looks like a little extra decoration.

      Yes, indeed. On the very first DVD I put in, I had to stare at the
      introductory screen for quite a while and press a lot of the DVD remote
      buttons before I determined what would get me the item I wanted.

      They ought to have a "DVD for those who never used DVD before" manual.

      The "OK" button on my DVD remote has been very helpful!

      Joan Marie Verba