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  • yarrowp
    Aug 6, 2002
      --- In mythsoc@y..., SusanPal@a... wrote:
      Talk to Bruce Leonard, M.D., who is a psychiatrist. I know Bruce
      presented a Mythcon paper on Frodo and PTSD. Write to me privately
      at yarrowp@ mscd.edu (without the space) for Bruce's eddress if you
      don't have it already.

      > 2. Does anyone know of any critical work that's been done on
      fantasy as
      > trauma narrative? Shippey mentions in the Forward to AUTHOR OF THE
      > that many of the century's major writers (Tolkien, Orwell,
      Vonnegut) have
      > both written in non-realistic modes and been survivors of wartime
      trauma. He
      > says something like, "isn't that odd" (don't have the book here at
      > moment, so can't quote it exactly) but then passes over the issue.
      I don't
      > think it's odd at all; I've done a bit of work -- a PCA paper a few
      years ago
      > -- on how fantasy may represent the distorting aspects of trauma,
      the sheer
      > strangeness of it, more accurately than mimesis does. I'd love to
      know if
      > anyone else has pursued this idea. Do any of you know of
      anything? (It
      > would make a *great* dissertation topic, if it hasn't been done;
      I'm devoting
      > my energies to fiction rather than scholarly work, or I'd tackle it
      > Thanks! I hope everyone's well!
      > Susan
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