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6191Re: [mythsoc] Bo Hansson's _The Lord of the Rings_

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  • David Westlake
    Jul 10, 2002
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      Yes regarding music for The Lord of the Rings,
      I think that you have a valid point but that is art. Our imagination is
      what gives us the sensory images when we read a book, especially Tolkien.
      Everyone's images will be different and often others are disappointing. I
      think of another medium immediately when I read your comment. The film was
      a bit disappointing for me. How could it even attempt to capture the
      pictures of my own mental domain. There were moments when I almost yelled
      out, "No! That is not what it looks like." or "Why did you cast him or
      her?" Music is the same.
      Regarding Philip Glass, sometimes he drives me crazy but other times he
      absolutely captures the harmony of the spheres. Have you ever heard Kronos
      play his music?
      What about the soundtrack of the movie? Do you like it?
      I wonder if people from the east who read Tolkien in translation have a
      whole another set of images that come to mind. Think of a reader from India
      or the Middle East. What does Aragorn or Gandolf look like in their mind's
      eyes or do they ever hear sitar when reading of the fellowship?

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      > I just listened to an album of music called _The Lord of the Rings_
      > in 1969 by a Swedish musician named Bo Hansson. Has anyone else ever
      > listened to this? It's instrumental music inspired by his reading of _The
      > Lord of the Rings_, and each section is labeled by an incident from the
      > I had heard of it several times over the years and decided to get it when
      > was rereleased this year.
      > I don't get it. I don't find the music to be remotely Tolkien-like. I
      > see any relationship between the music in each section and the event by
      > that section is labeled. I don't even find the music particularly
      > It's rather bland and repetitious. Compared with this, Philip Glass is
      > interesting and varied.
      > Wendell Wagner
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