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6188Re: [mythsoc] Bo Hansson's _The Lord of the Rings_

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  • David S. Bratman
    Jul 10, 2002
      Wendell -

      I've heard Bo Hansson's music, but I don't think I have a copy, which says
      pretty much what I thought of it.

      Hansson's album got a fair amount of attention in Tolkien fandom when it
      was new, because it was the only one of its type. Apart from "The Road
      Goes Ever On" and a few rock songs, it was just about the only notable
      Tolkien-inspired music out there.

      Nowadays there's a lot more, and a few classical composers of genuine
      importance, like Glenn Buhr of Canada and Aulis Sallinen of Finland, have
      written orchestral works inspired by Tolkien, some of which have been
      recorded. The most popular purely instrumental work inspired by Tolkien is
      the Symphony No. 1 for Band "The Lord of the Rings" by Johan de Meij of the
      Netherlands. It's been recorded two or three times, and I think it's
      really quite good as music. It certainly has more artistic heft than the
      soundtracks to either the Bakshi or Jackson films.

      Whether any of these will fit your image of what Tolkienian music should
      sound like, I couldn't say.

      There's a thorough list of Tolkien music - instrumental inspired by, songs
      inspired by, settings of his poems, everything - at
      http://www.telia.lv/~witchcraft/jrrt/ - but unfortunately it lacks much
      description or comment.

      At 04:52 AM 7/10/2002 , you wrote:
      > It's rather bland and repetitious. Compared with this, Philip Glass is
      >interesting and varied.

      Philip Glass _is_ interesting and varied; his use of variation is just
      different from what one normally expects. The claim that he's all
      repetition and monotony is as specious as the Edmund Wilson/Philip Toynbee
      dismissal of Tolkien.

      David Bratman
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