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6174mythological pictures, and subsequent musings

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  • odzer@aol.com
    Jun 28, 2002
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      >30 new mythological pictures
      Wow, Alex, really wonderful work you have done, thanks for bringing it to our
      attention. Such a broad compendium too! And are there any additional mythic
      traditions you plan to explore in future? One that comes to mind not included
      in your extensive collection that might interest you is that of
      Tibetan/Central Asian culture, both of Buddhist (which have also incorporated
      some elements of Indian, Chinese and Hellenistic cultures) and pre Buddhist
      (Bon/Shamanistic) traditions.
      Along those lines, I might draw the list's attention to the legends of the
      Tibetan mythic warrior/philosopher/king/saint, Gesar of Ling. He is
      considered somewhat analogous to King Arthur, though I am not well versed
      enough in either of these two to comment much further. However, a new
      translation of a large selection of the Gesar Legends is soon to be
      available, when I have had a chance to explore that perhaps I can report back.

      meanwhile here are some links i just found:

      in mythic appreciation