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6045Whose evil, did you say? (was Re: LOTR review)

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  • michael_martinez2
    Jun 3, 2002
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      I think I have read this entire discussion to date. I don't quite
      follow it. What was the definition for "evil" being used in the
      original article? While I do feel Osama Bin Laden is evil, that
      belief is founded upon my own understanding of what constitutes
      evil. I'm not sure there is or can be a magnitude of evil. One may
      or may not be evil, but each evil act is a thing unto itself. After
      unjustly putting many Christians to death, Saul of Tarsus had an
      experience on the road to Damascus which changed his life, his
      beliefs, and his behavior.

      Was he evil simply because he had sinned?

      The Christian view of evil can be distorted (or distilled into
      various flavors) through argument and debate, but if Saul were really
      deemed evil by God, then why would God make him an apostle? Or can
      evil be cleansed from the soul? Isn't that what salvation is all

      Is Osama Bin Laden truly responsible for spurring sales of THE LORD
      OF THE RINGS (and one must wonder how such influence was factored out
      of the normally strong sales AND the movie-inspired sales AND the
      various commercial play-inspired sales)? That sounds rather like the
      claim that Al Gore invented the Internet, or that the business boom
      of the 1990s would not have happened had Clinton not won the

      Maybe if Charles Beckwith III hadn't sat on a bench on April 13,
      1914, World War II would never have happened. He committed such an
      evil act, if he truly existed, and if his action was indeed the cause
      of a long chain of events which led to the invasion of Poland. After
      all, where does one draw the line between good and evil?

      Is this simply another case of "Us" versus "Them"? According to
      Osama Bin Laden (and millions of people in the Arab/Muslim world, if
      the western news media is to be believed), America is evil. That
      makes us evil. Why? Because someone else believes we are evil.
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