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6044Re: [mythsoc] LOTR review

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  • jamcconney@aol.com
    Jun 3, 2002
      In a message dated 6/3/2002 12:33:28 PM Central Daylight Time,
      lunacy2@... writes:

      > While bin Laden certainly is not in their league, I've no
      > doubt, given the weapons and
      > chance, he could be.

      Dorothy Sayers has an essay ( in _Creed or Chaos_ I think) in which she asks
      the reader (I paraphrase, not having the book at hand) if the evil we do is
      less because we lack the opportunity. It's an interesting point, as we do
      tend to be a bit unclear whether we're talking about quantity or quality (if
      one can use the word 'quality' about evil). Is the _quality_ of evil greater
      in the WTC attack than in the Cole bombing--or was it just a bigger death
      toll and a lot more spectacular.

      Mind you, I don't necessarily subscribe to what I'm suggesting--I'm just
      throwing the idea out for discussion. I don't subscribe to leGuin's "The Ones
      Who Walk Away from Omelas" either, being of the unfortunate temperament that
      prefers to draw the line in the sand and slug it out--but even after having
      read it many times, I cry at the end.


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