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6035Re: [mythsoc] LOTR review

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  • Randall Eicher
    May 31, 2002
      > << Odd reviews do pop up in odd places. In The Anglican Digest,
      > 2002, pp37-38, is an item titled "We See Evil for What It Is". Having
      > described LOTR (the film) as "a straightforward tale of straightforward
      > good and evil", the author, one William Murchison, proceeds to take off
      > on his own agenda, which is to prove that Americans have been driven
      > away from non-judgmental ambivalence. Ambivalence was "modern" and
      > promoted by "our Intellectual Betters", he says. >>
      > So who are the stupid people who listened to these "intellectual betters"
      and followed like sheep? Some perhaps didn't know what was happening to
      their minds or consciences, but others just brushed it away as too
      impractical, too abstract, having no relationship to themselves. So when
      their kids come up with "that's your truth," they gurgle and look helpless
      > << Americans now recognize that evil is personified in Osama bin Laden,
      who ought to be given royalties for contributing to the popularaity of LOTR.
      > Osame bin Laden, sharing JRRT's royalties? Some cirtics are too clever
      for their own good. And this was in an *Anglican* magazine? I know it's a
      joke, but I find irony like that very unfunny these days. For
      hame! ---djb

      As a resident of Dallas I get to see Mr. Murchison's rantings on the
      editorial page and can provide a modicum of insight into his viewpoint. He
      is an ultra-conservative fundamentalist Christian who is always ranting on
      about how American has gotten away from "good, solid" Christian values and
      proceeds to condemn everyone and everything that does not fit in his
      extremely narrow view.

      He is of the opinion that the world would be better off blindly following
      whatever they are told by their Church leaders rather questioning and
      thinking for themselves.

      Randall Eicher
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