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  • Grace E. Funk
    May 30 12:03 PM
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      Odd reviews do pop up in odd places. In The Anglican Digest, Whitsuntide
      2002, pp37-38, is an item titled "We See Evil for What It Is". Having
      described LOTR (the film) as "a straightforward tale of straightforward
      good and evil", the author, one William Murchison, proceeds to take off
      on his own agenda, which is to prove that Americans have been driven
      away from non-judgmental ambivalence. Ambivance was "modern" and
      promoted by "our Intellectual Betters", he says. Americans now recognize
      that evil is personified in Osama bin Laden, who ought to be given
      royalties for contributing to the popularaity of LOTR.
      Now there's a stretch! The article was copied from the Dallas Morning

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