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  • Croft, Janet B
    May 29, 2002
      The "Maureen Birnbaum, Barbarian Swordsperson" short stories by George Alec
      Effinger are spoofs of some science fiction standards, including Asimov's
      Nightfall, H.P. Lovecraft, and so on. Most were collected in one volume a
      few years ago, and at least one more has appeared in the "Chicks in Chain
      Mail" anthology series. If you like this sort of thing, this is the sort of
      thing you'll like!

      Janet Croft

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      > Forgive me if this was mentioned previously, but:
      > "The Best of Dork Tower" #1 is available at comics/gaming shops.
      In it,
      > there is a very funny 7-page comic strip about role-players who
      try to
      > role-play "The Lord of the Rings".
      > When I first read it, I couldn't stop laughing.
      > Fair warning, you have to have a sense of humor and know the minimum
      > basics about LotR.
      > What's really funny is that after reading the comic, I wanted to re-
      > the books again. (read 7-pages of comic strips, get urge to read
      > hundreds and hundreds of pages of a story I've already read so
      often ...
      > okay, maybe I'm *not* sane)
      > And a question for the list: after reading this comic and "Bored of
      > Rings", can anyone think of other spoofs/funny takes of other major
      > Fantasy, SF or other such books?
      > ~ Old Ghost
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