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60Re: 1998 books

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  • Diane Baker
    Jan 6, 1999
      Staci Dumoski wrote:
      > From: Staci Dumoski <unicorn@...>
      > I hope I won't be accused of self-promotion here, but the ezine I publish,
      > Phantastes (which many of you will probably find interesting), includes an
      > article by Victoria Strauss, author of _The Arm of the Stone_, on the
      > subject of world building. I enjoyed the novel very much, and the
      > article gives some really interesting insight into the writing process.
      > Best,
      > Staci
      > *** *** ***
      > Staci Dumoski unicorn@...
      > Editor, Phantastes http://www.nocturne.org/phantastes
      > The Online Journal of Fantasy Criticism

      I'd like to see that article. I take it I can get it from your online
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