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5924Dickensian Christmas for Eliot?+The Magus Zoroaster in two distinct places

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  • ssigrist
    May 2, 2002
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      Nice verse from Daimond...
      perhaps they were under the bamboo tree..
      But anyway in my account, or 'as I recall
      it took place', there is a warm pub,
      and Reilly with his usual gin and not
      a Dickensian 'Smoking Bishop' or something...

      Which,as far as that goes, is what I was
      (a smoking bishop that is) early after
      ordination to the work, but gave it up
      for prudential reasons...

      Now speaking of Harcourt-Reilly, it is
      maybe interesting how beside Williams
      use of Shelly's 'The Magus Zoroaster,
      my dead child,met his own image walking
      in the garden..' in Descent into Hell.
      We have Reilly citing it rather more
      fully in explaining (at the end of
      Cocktail Party) how he had forseen
      Celia's death when he first met her.

      The two uses of Shelly are distinct enough
      to make possible a 'compare and contrast'
      question for any literature teachers who
      are fortunate enough to feel their students
      could deal with it. Haven't quite worked
      it out myself, and dont worry I wont in
      this space :), uh unless urged on with
      an ecclesiastical virtual sherry or two,
      but not really the place for it I imagine,
      so not sure i could myself but it might
      have features of interest.
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