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5903A possible source of the Christmas heresy and a Willliams word on Mary

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  • ssigrist
    Apr 26, 2002
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      This to David's on the matter..
      <and I did what is perhaps frowned on
      post this also to the Williams list,
      but anyway he
      Here is the account by John of Damascus
      of the teachings of Paulianists(from
      Paul of Samasota)
      "came close to affirming that Christ
      did not exist, for he made out to
      be a spoken word that began
      to exist from Mary...from that time
      when he became present in the flesh".

      can that be the source of the following
      (more interestingly B)


      The citation about the world made
      at Christmas:
      "I remember a bewildering and almost hilarious
      discussion in which we considered the
      notion, propounded by some early Christian heretics,
      that the world had been created at the Nativity. (It was
      characteristic of his adventurous
      imagination, that he should like to put himself
      at the point of view from which a doctrine was held,
      before rejecting it...

      B. (cited from memory and quite
      wonderful, well no doubt better
      before my memory but...)
      A daughter of Israel one day
      pronounced the Divine Name with her
      whole heart soul and mind and body
      so that it took flesh within her.

      0f course to link the two to the John citation
      we must have him make the poetic leap
      that the word was the one spoken by Mary..
      and on the other hand a rearrangement so
      that not only the Word but the World
      begins at Nativity...but perhaps not impossible.
      anyway for what its worth,