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5753RE: [mythsoc] When the King Comes Home: SPOILER ALERT

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  • dianejoy@earthlink.net
    Apr 6, 2002
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      As for the marriage thread, I was totally faked out. I thought that maybe Stevermer was going to throw a twist by having Hail marry Tig instead of Ludovico. What I wasn't expecting was that, not only doesn't she marry either guy, but there's no discussion of why she doesn't. Is it the "To the Lighthouse" assumption that a woman can have either art or marriage, but not both? Never liked *that* book a bit.

      I suspect some feminism lurks in Stevemere's psyche. No problem can be solved with marriage under her assumptions. I think a lot of problems *are* solved with two parent families, that is, if the parents are committed to each other and to their kids. In ancient days, that was an unspoken assumption (which is why most comedies and fantasies ended with marriage). Mythic and societal reasons coincided. Now, of course, we question everything. I really was rooting for the cute guard who kept accompanying Hail to the library; I forget now if he was Ludovico or Tig. Must get the paperback (hopefully at a library sale) to refresh my memory. ---djb

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