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5750Re: [mythsoc] When the King Comes Home: SPOILER ALERT

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  • Stolzi@aol.com
    Apr 5, 2002
      (Still spoilers here)

      In a message dated 4/5/02 7:32:36 AM Central Standard Time,
      PJAlama@... writes:

      > But I really don't understand why she brought things around to such a non-
      > resolution of the problem of kingship that is, after all, proclaimed by the
      > title to be a major theme of the book.

      Good point. Yes, the very words "When the King Comes Home" rouse a deep
      hope somewhere in us, which is disappointed.

      Also, Stevermer for some reason -hates- to resolve any plot threads via
      marriage. She presents a perfectly acceptable candidate for Hail Rosamer
      and then has it fall through, just as she did in her earlier COLLEGE OF
      MAGICS. I think there are reasons beyond sentimentality - mythopoeic and
      archetypal ones - for happy stories to end in a marriage.

      There's some awkwardness, too, when it's said that the dead can only return
      in borrowed bodies, yet two or three dead folks turn up at the end without,
      it seems, any such need.

      Diamond Proudbrook
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