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5739Re: [mythsoc] recommendation: Bujold's Curse of Chalion

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  • Jane Bigelow
    Apr 4 12:33 PM
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      At 08:06 AM 4/2/02 -0500, you wrote:
      >& thoughtful response, but not the lively multi-voiced discussion I might
      >have hoped for), I'd like to draw people's attention to a very exciting
      >nominee, Lois McMaster Bujold's _The Curse of Chalion_. This has become, in
      >my mind, the book by which all other nominees will be measured. [I will try
      >not to include any plot spoilers, for the sake of list members who have not
      >read it.]

      Thank you, and thanks for the recommendation! So far, I'm not doing well
      with the MFA nominees that I hadn't already read; this sounds like a good
      possibility. I've read a number of Bujold's other books--I think I must
      have skipped this one because I was annoyed with it for not being the next
      Vorkosigan novel. Several of her titles have left me with pieces of
      self-knowledge, not always welcome ones. For me, Bujold is a writer to
      read at least twice: once just to follow the action, and once to see how
      she *did* that.

      I don't understand quite why _A Finer End_ was nominated, either. I
      enjoyed it very much, and have begun reading Crombie's other books, but I
      didn't find it mythopoeic. The musical element and the supernatural *were*
      nicely joined.

      I have tried to read _Perdido Street Station_, and I think I'll just give
      up. It's certainly powerful writing, but my reading time is too limited to
      spend more of it reading something that repels me so thoroughly. These
      characters are lost, all right.

      Jane Bigelow
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