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  • Marianne Dole
    Apr 3, 2002
      Hello again,

      Thank you very much, Janet for the information about the Bantam audio
      version of the Silmarillion. I will check it out immediately!

      I know what you mean about a poor narration spoiling a book. The National
      Library Service does an excellent job in choosing narrators to fit the books
      they read, but, in this case, I just think they wanted to get the book out
      as quickly as possible. The narrator was good, and I've read other books
      narrated by him; he just sounded uninterested. Well, I mean, unless you're a
      fervent enthusiast (as I am) why would you be interested? It isn't light
      reading you know. The NLS did an excellent version of The Book of Lost Tales
      and Unfinished Tales, but they haven't put out any of Christopher Tolkien's
      subsequent publications; that's why I asked my question about The History of
      Middle-earth. Thank you very much again.

      Marianne Dole