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  • michael_martinez2
    Mar 24, 2002
      --- In mythsoc@y..., "Marianne Dole" <madole@t...> wrote:

      > Now for today's question. I was reading a post about 'hope' and a
      book or
      > series was mentioned called The History of Middle-earth. What is
      it? Sounds
      > like something I'd like to read. Thank you.

      The History of Middle-earth is a 12-volume series of books published
      by Christopher Tolkien which explains most of the story of how The
      Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion came to be published (on a
      technical level -- that is, the books document the early, pre-
      publication sources for the books).

      Christopher provides a lot of editorial commentary, and there are
      also numerous extra materials, including previously unpublished
      stories, fragments, and reference works which JRRT composed for his
      own benefit.
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