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5706<<Who is Sauron? Now we know >>

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  • odzer@aol.com
    Mar 29, 2002
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      << Who is Sauron? Now we know >>

      mmm....in the tradition of "Wicked" and "Grendel" (as many here are prob
      familiar, they are retellings of the "Wizard of Oz" and of "Beowulf" from the
      perspective of the chief villan ) I wonder what could be done by way of a
      short story for Sauron, or Morgoth, or any of the other bad guys from
      Tolkien's mythos, the story as it looked to them. Maybe Saruman or Gollum
      would be easier to do...
      Yes, I know there are humorous versions of these.. some of which are
      hilarious, and clever.( 'letters to the boss' from the balrog and the witch
      king come to mind )
      For those not familiar with these titles, I can suggest that "Grendel" is one
      not to be missed; "Wicked" also good, though it perhaps is better at the
      beginning and doesn't quite sustain its initial brillance, though some would
      say otherwise.