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5614Re: [mythsoc] Introduction

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  • David S. Bratman
    Mar 21, 2002
      Hello, Marianne -- this is David Bratman here.

      I remember you from San Francisco in olden times, such as when The
      Silmarillion was newly published and not yet in braille, so Jo Wilcox and I
      came over one day and read the whole thing into your tape recorder. That
      was hungry work, and every time we read a reference to "The Green Hill of
      Tuna" it made us hungrier!

      Jo is still around, though not, I think, on this list. She's married to
      Bill Welden, who was one of the consultants for the Peter Jackson film of
      The Lord of the Rings.

      I also remember two years later, at Mythcon in San Jose, by which time The
      Silmarillion had been published in braille. At the Bardic Circle you read
      "Ainulindale" to us in the dark. That was marvellously effective.

      David Bratman
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