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5612Re: [mythsoc] Introduction

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  • Berni Phillips
    Mar 20, 2002
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      From: "Marianne Dole" <madole@...>

      > I think there may be in Portland,
      > but I don't drive, so that's rather difficult (for some reason, they won't
      > let blind people drive. I don't know why; I think it's discriminatory,
      > you?).

      Oh, that's just in Portland. Here in California blind people drive.
      There's just no other explanation for how some folks drive.

      True story: there's an elderly woman at church who sings in the choir.
      She's a tiny woman who drives a great big car. She has only one eye, and
      that one has cataracts. She can't see well enough to tell one piece of
      music from another, and I've seen her hold her music upside down. It's
      truly scary to think of her on the road.

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