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5566Re: [mythsoc] Re: David's list of fictionalized Lewises and Tolkiens

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  • David S. Bratman
    Mar 11, 2002
      At 10:44 AM 3/11/2002 , Susan wrote:

      >> I didn't think it was a very good story, even on its own terms.
      >No, nor did I. But I've read various posts and reviews by a lot of people
      >really like it, so I don't think Dozois' simply filling space -- different
      >folks can have different taste, after all!

      Trudging through bad stories looking for the good ones is enough of a drag
      anyway. A "Best of the Year" is supposed to be the good stories, so if it
      too has bad stories, put there just because someone else thinks they're
      good, I'd prefer them to be as few as possible. Another reason to avoid
      Dozois's mammoth anthology.

      (I realize that "story I don't like" doesn't mean a universal "bad story".
      But I put it that way for a reason - when I'm doing the reading, there's no
      escaping my taste. A bad story might as well be universally bad, for all
      the difference that makes to my reading.)

      >I think you're right that Egan didn't do justice to Lewis' apologetics; what
      >drove me nuts about the story was that it depicted Lewis as closed-minded,
      >humorless and fearful -- which is the image that too many non-Christians have
      >of Christians. The story depicts his faith as confining, rather than
      >freeing. If I read one more SF story where people of faith are depicted as
      >dunderheads, I'll scream *very* completely.

      I've read Frank Peretti. Egan's depiction of Christians, unfair as it is
      (and I've seen worse) is small beer indeed compared to Peretti's depiction
      of non-Christians (and Christians he doesn't like). Nothing like depicting
      anyone you dislike as in league with Satan for unfair critiques.

      David Bratman
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