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  • Stolzi@aol.com
    Aug 11, 1999
      Saw THE STONE WAR, by Madeleine Robins, [note the one "b"] in my local
      bookstore yesterday. On Amazon.com, "A Reader" says:

      "The Stone War is a great read. While the destruction of New York may seem
      overdone in print and movies, Madeleine Robins manages a thoroughly new,
      thoroughly original take. The images are striking: Angels, monsters, stone
      and metal lions walking the streets, stone dinosaurs. Make no mistake though,
      this is dark fantasy. The villians are vicious and the drama is gritty.
      Should appeal to horror fans as well. I'm predicting awards and honors for
      this book. "

      Should be worth a look. Also James Blaylock, more than once an MFA nominee,
      has a new one out: THE RAINY SEASON, described as both "contemporary
      supernatural horror" and as "a ghost story."

      Mary S
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