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5474Re: [mythsoc] re: More tripe from the media

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  • Stolzi@aol.com
    Mar 4, 2002
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      In a message dated 3/1/02 7:37:24 AM Central Standard Time,
      purpleom@... writes:

      > In one of the
      > later letters he recounts how he was visited by
      > someone quite distinguished (but doesn't say who -
      > anyone know?) who said something like "But of course
      > you know you didn't just make all this up, don't
      > you?", and Tolkien writes "I had to agree" or similar.

      I took that to mean something like divine inspiration - not something like
      "it's really true."

      The actual words are found in Letter 328; and if Tolkien could not recall the
      speaker's name, I see no way for us to find out who he was at this date:

      ' "Of course you don't suppose, do you, that you wrote all that book

      Tolkien goes on:

      'I think I said: "No, I don't suppose so any longer." ... An alarming
      conclusion for an old philologist to draw concerning his private amusement.
      But not one that should puff any one up who considers the imperfections of
      "chosen instruments", and indeed what sometimes seems their lamentable
      unfitness for the purpose.'

      Diamond Proudbrook
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