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5467Re: [mythsoc] Happy Aragorn's birthday

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  • Bill
    Mar 2, 2002
      The Gaiman books was the only other one in the
      Top 10 I had read or nominated. I was surprised
      deLint's Onion Girl didn't make the list.

      Berni Phillips wrote:
      Curious. I nominated _Curse of Chalion_ for the MFA, but I thought it
      the least of the 5 books which I nominated. Two other books on SF
      top 10list were on my nomination list and I thought them both much
      than_Curse of Chalion_. These were Tim Powers' _Declare_, which
      they ranked #7,and Neil Gaiman's _American Gods_, which was in their
      #3 spot. The other books on their top 10 I hadn't read, and those
      books/authors I am aware of(read reviews or talked to people who
      have read them) are not things I would think I would enjoy or think
      highly of.

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