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5457RE: [mythsoc] Mary Sue Goes To Mordor

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  • Janet Croft
    Mar 1, 2002
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      "Mentor" is a word that's been corrupted by over-use in the business world,
      true, but when you go back to the original Greek character it means a bit

      (mn?tr, -tor??) (KEY) , in Greek mythology, friend of Odysseus and tutor of
      Telemachus. On several occasions in the Odyssey, Athena assumes Mentor's
      form to give advice to Telemachus or Odysseus. His name is proverbial for a
      faithful and wise adviser. (Columbia Encyclopedia)

      When you look at Obi-wan, Dumbledore, and Merlin in THWhite's books, you
      find a teacher who is also at least as much a spiritual advisor. Not so
      much for Gandalf, at least not within the time-frame of The Lord of the
      Rings. Or maybe he's just more subtle and less structured about it than the
      other three.

      Don't you hate when a perfectly good word gets bent out of shape like that?

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      At 07:27 AM 3/1/2002 , Janet Croft wrote:

      >Diane, I think you've hit on an interesting theme in fantasy, that I hope
      >someone might pick up as a paper idea (hint hint -- thus speaks your
      >friendly neighborhood paper coordinator!) -- the search for a mentor and
      >process of learning to use one's powers and abilities. Gandalf, Obi-Wan,
      >Dumbledore, and Merlin are obvious examples.

      Just please don't use the word "mentor" to describe these mighty wizards.

      David Bratman

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