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5441Re: [mythsoc] More tripe from the media

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  • David S. Bratman
    Feb 27, 2002
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      At 07:39 PM 2/27/2002 , Staff Reporter, Bimingham Post wrote:

      >The letter, written while Tolkien was completing the trilogy, reveals
      >his thoughts. "It also hints that he believed the events in the
      >trilogy actually happened," said Dominic Winter's documents expert
      >Richard Westwood-Brookes.

      The only clue hinting at this is the equation of Gondor with Venice. And I
      don't see how it follows that this equation of real places with fictional
      ones - which he never hid, it's discussed in the Prologue - hints that he
      believes it really happened. Many science-fiction novels take place on
      Mars, which is also a real place: does that mean their authors believe they
      really happened?

      >Dated September 8, 1955, the letter was sent in reply to a young
      >admirer who had asked Tolkien when the final part of the trilogy was
      >to appear. Tolkien, who was born in Five Ways,

      Is this part of Birmingham? They're some 6000 miles off.

      >replied that he had
      >just come back from a "holiday in Gondor, or in modern parlance,
      >Venice", perhaps revealing for the first time that Gondor was
      >actually Venice.

      First time, indeed! Why, for over 20 years one could have looked in
      Tolkien's published Letters at no. 168, written the previous day, in which
      he makes the same identification, adding that it was "a change from the
      North Kingdom." IIRC Carpenter discusses this in the biography also.

      >He then goes on to say: "Since my return I have let the days slip.
      >Not to the detriment of Vol III! That was out of my hands some time
      >ago - in the end much has had to be jettisoned, including the
      >facsimiles of the Book of Mazarbul and the index of names (with

      Also not news.
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